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In Pictures: UK Ambassador Receives 007 Surprise

July 23, 2014
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A few weeks back, RMA Motors (Kenya) launched the Jaguar F-Type, which is arguably one of the best sports cars in the world. Certainly one of the most highly rated ones anyway. The car is retailing at between 15 and 20 million Kenya Shillings (about lb100,000 – lb130,000).

As Jaguar is a British company the event turned into a celebration of sorts for all things Britain. The car was taken to the British Embassy for a test drive by the High Commissioner, Dr. Christian Turner. But, they had one more surprise for him.

Adorning the British car, the British ambassador was surprised to find the number plate KBY 007T to represent the British icon in Agent 007 James Bond.

You can see his reaction below:


Fines for Illegal Number Plates Increase

July 1, 2009
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Speed cameras can't always read modified number platesThe government yesterday doubled the fixed penalty notice for using illegal number plates on a vehicle to lb60, from lb30, stating that the use of illegal number plates can have a significant impact on criminal investigations and crime detection. It is hoped that enforcing an increase in the fine will stop drivers evading speed-camera fines.

Vehicle number plates must conform to specific rules for font, size and colour displayed on the number plate. If the plate deviates from the standard design for a number plate, it can be more difficult to detect the registration number using camera recognition.

The move comes along with a crackdown on those not wearing seatbelts in a vehicle, who also face on the spot fines of lb60.

Road Safety Minister Paul Clark said: “Every day someone dies because they do not think they always need to use a seat belt. This tragic waste could be avoided if everyone took the simple step of belting up every time they got in a car”.

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Sizzling, Sexy Number Plates!

May 21, 2009
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Sexy Number Plate girlGet your hands on this sensational sexy prefix number plate – exclusive to Nationla Numbers:


You can’t get sexier than that. And priced at only lb3999 it’s an absolute steal (although we will consider offers!). This is an amazing plate at an amazing price!

An excellent value alternative prefix registration (which is a bit easier on the pocket) and almost as sexy is:


Priced at lb999.

Or how about splashing out on something really sexy (and dateless!):

15 EXY

For a cool lb95,000?

Treat yourself or someone special: these registrations would make a perfect gift for a sexy someone! View the full range of Sexy Number Plates.

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The New Age of Female Chauvinism?

August 8, 2008
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Female chauvinist?In the days of gender equality, “new age” men, the demise of the male chauvinist pig, and where it’s typical to see men showing their soft and understanding side, it’s the women who’ve turned the tables by judging prospective partners by the type of car they drive.

A new study by Kwik-Fit has found that three quarters of a million women have admitted to dating a man just because his car impressed them. Only 40% of men in the study said they judge women by the type of car they drive.

The key figure here is that 44% of women think they can tell a lot about a man by the car he drives. This doesn’t suggest he has to drive an Aston Martin or Ferrari in order to cut it with the ladies. It simply means he should clean up after letting his shaggy dog ride on the back seats, and occasionally take his car for a blast through the jet wash – because it says he cares! David White of Kwik-Fit agrees: “Whilst many people strive for a honed appearance to attract the opposite sex, it seems this can often count for little if their car is unreliable and has filthy paintwork, an oil leak and bald tyres”.

If you think this is a show of female chauvinism, you may be mistaken. Women know that men, read: people, who don’t look after their cars are less likely to look after other areas of their life for instance their relationships, health, and career. I mean, if your prospective beau drives a beaten-up car, with hairs on the seats, and sticky marks all over the windows, he’s a bit of a slob right? And if the brakes on his car don’t work, how’s he safely going to drive you to the shops? (I’m kidding!).

What is surprising is that a further 230,000 women said they declined a date with a guy they fancied because his motor failed to impress.

I wonder if personalised number plates make a difference. I mean, you’re not likely to shell out on a number plate only to let it get filthy while it sits a-proud a rusting bucket?

So boys, clean up your car, show it the turtle wax, and get yourself a fancy new reg. She’ll love you for it!

Many thanks to Duchesssa for the fantastic image.

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Boris Shuns Vehicle Congestion Charge Increase

July 8, 2008
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London Mayor Boris Johnson scraps Congestion Charge increaseLondon mayor Boris Johnson has stayed true to his pre-mayoral word by not increasing the London congestion charge for polluting large and 4×4 vehicles.

Previous mayor Ken Livingstone proposed the charge be raised from the acceptable figure of lb8 for vehicles emitting more than 225g of carbon dioxide per kilometre, and for vehicles registered before March 2001 with engines larger than 3,000cc, to a mind-blowing lb25, from October.

However Boris ditched the plans, saying: “I am delighted that we have been able to scrap the lb25 charge, which would have hit families and small businesses hardest”. He added: “I believe the proposal would actually have made congestion worse by allowing thousands of small cars in for free.”

Boris was prompted to avoid the increase on the power of a legal challenge from car manufacturer Porsche, who sought a judicial review of the proposal after unearthing research from King’s College in London.

The academic research proposed that the new charge could actually increase CO2 emissions because people would theoretically drive a greater distance to avoid the congestion charge zone.

Porsche Managing director Andy Goff said: “Porsche is proud to have played a decisive role in striking down such a blatantly political tax increase targeting motorists.”


Number Plate Aficionados Prone to Road Rage

June 18, 2008
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Research by social psychologist William Szlemko at Colorado University has proven that drivers who sport car accessories such as personalised number plates, furry dice, and bumper stickers are more likely to suffer symptoms of road rage.

Amusingly, the greater the number of “territorial markers” a driver possesses in connection with their vehicle, the more likely it is that they will respond in an inappropriate manner to others’ on the road.

Szlemko says: “Just the presence of territory markers predicts the tendency to be an aggressive driver.”

Szlemko’s co-author, Paul Bell, agrees: “Territoriality is hard-wired into our ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago. Animals are territorial because it had survival value. If you could keep others away from your hunting groups, you had more game to spear … it becomes part of the biology.”

If you’re a territorial kind of person, number plates are certainly one of the best ways to personalise your car. Road rage? Your choice!


The End of the Road for Big Cars?

June 9, 2008
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The Smart CarYou may have read or seen on the news recently the stories reporting the slump in sales of vehicles dubbed “Chelsea Tractors” – the 4×4 and sports type vehicles that usurp fuel during outings to the nearest retail park or supermarket.

Sales of the fuel-hungry guzzlers dropped 18 percent last month, according to the Financial Times, whilst sales of small economical cars have rocketed. Whether or not the shift is a temporary state remains to be seen.

The reasons for the demise of the big car may not be as selfless as first appears – most drivers’ cite financial reasons over green concerns. With the ever-increasing hike in fuel prices, this comes as no surprise.

Perhaps Chelsea Tractor engines will be replaced by new, petrol-free alternatives such as the electric Range Rover engine being developed by newly-formed company, Liberty Electric Cars.

Clearly, sales of big cars are dwindling, but what will this downturn mean for sales of personalised registrations? Will Nationla Numbers take fewer sales of BIG plates; see a drop in JAG and BMW registrations and an increase in Smart and Ford searches?

Smart experienced the highest percent increase in sales, which were up 147% – and for good reasons – made by Mercedes Benz and highly personalised, the car is one of the most economical on the market.

Small cars are fun, affordable, and great for showing off a fantastic new personalised registration. If you own a small car it’s possible you might want to customise it with a new number plate.

You can search for anything that’s important to you on Nationla Numbers web site – try it with your name, initials, or pet.

We also keep a list of registrations for vehicle makes and models. And if you can’t find what you want on the web site – give our friendly sales staff a call on 01642 363738 – we’d be really happy to help!


Ronaldo’s Dream Plate and Other Star Stories

June 3, 2008
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Cristiano RonaldoIn the Sunday news this week was a story about Manchester United‘s Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s got himself in a spin over the private registration CR 7.

Millionaire property tycoon Charlie Robinson currently owns the registration, and Ronaldo may well pay the lb175,000 Robinson is asking for the registration plate – the number features not only Ronaldo’s initials, but also his favourite shirt number and the name of his fashion store in Funchal. He’s even planning the launch of a nightclub bearing the CR 7 name – talk about branding!

Despite Ronaldo’s enthusiasm, the plate means a lot to Robinson who said, “that registration plate is close to my heart and I won’t be letting it go easily”. Robinson though is willing to relinquish rights to the cherished number in exchange for the registration CR 1.

Ronaldo isn’t the only celeb who loves personalised number plates. Many stars have invested in unique and interesting number plates that match their professions – one such celebrity is Toyah Willcox. Nationla Numbers brochure features an interview with the legendary Toyah, who talks to us about investing in number plates and her fantastically varied career. If you don’t yet have a copy, bag your free number plate brochure now!

The magician and entertainer Paul Daniels owns a registration that speaks for itself: MAG 1C.

Funny man Jimmy Tarbuck owns COM 1C, which fits brilliantly.

The personalised reg S8 RRY is owned by ex Take That band member and solo artist Robbie Williams – the “sorry” registration was a message to fans to explain the purchase of his very expensive car. He later ended up buying a moped!

Amstrad founder and The Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar owns AMS 1 – which is absolutely perfect for his name and all of his business ventures.

Even her Highness Queen Elizabeth 2nd owns a private registration – A7 – a stately mark, fit for a Queen, and issued in London in 1903.

Dateless registrations like these really are the cream of the crop when it comes to the most personal of personalisations – why not try a search for your own star plate? Nationla Numbers Dateless Number Plates page or our Number Plates Search showcase millions of potentials – give them a whirl!

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Free Gun with Every Car from US Dealership

May 28, 2008
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Free gun with every purchase of a carA car dealership in the US is giving customers a free gun with every purchase of a new car – a move that has seen sales quadruple since the offer began. For those who have no need for firearms, a $250 petrol card alternative is offered alongside the gun – to date most customers have plumped for the latter.

Max Motors owner Mark Muller told the BBC “we’re just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want to.”

Amusingly – the logo of Max Motors, whose car dealership is in the US Midwest in Butler, Missouri – features an angry looking gun-toting cowboy. The outlet sells, amongst others, cars from Ford and Chrysler.

The offer is running until the end of the month – but highlights the requirement for an approved background check on gun ownership.

The dealership, whose slogan is God, Guns and Gas, say they are aware of the gasoline and crime problem in America, and want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Whilst Nationla Numbers can’t offer something as exotic as a free gun with every number plate, we do guarantee to beat any other dealer’s price on our range of millions of personalised registrations. Here’s just a few to satisfy the inner cowboy/cowgirl inside.

Y88 HAA “Yeehaa!”
MY51 GUN “My Gun”
R16 NCH “Ranch”
RAN 50N “Ranson”
HH07 RSE “Horse”


Private Registrations for St. George: England’s Glory

April 21, 2008
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Celebrate England!It’s that time of year again for celebrating everything that is English: no, not pints of warm beer, cricket, HP sauce, interminable queue lengths, or even the ubiquitous fry up; but St. George’s day, on 24th of April; and how quickly it has come around this year!

But who was St. George anyway? Well, he was a soldier of the Roman Empire, born some time around 275-281 AD. Of course, his notoriety comes from the legendary slaying of the evil dragon. Apparently the dragon would lie in wait over the well from which the village people of Silene in Libya would draw their daily water. The dragon required a daily human sacrifice in order to allow access to the well, and the people of Silene would pick the unfortunate individual from a hat, so to speak. One day, when the princess of the village was randomly chosen for sacrifice, the powers that be must have decided that enough was enough, and dispatched St. George to the well, who quite rightly jumped in with both feet, and killed the dragon with his sword. Hooray for patriotism!

As well as being the patron saint of England and also Canada, China, Ethiopia, Greece, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia – St. George is also the patron saint of Freemasonry and Scouting!

In England, we’ve been rallying to make St. George’s Day a bank holiday for years, as yet with little success. But you could always pledge your patriotism to England with a private registration from Nationla Numbers. How about the new style/millennium registration EN57 AND? Or a classic suffix registration: ENG 72C? George also has his fair share of glory on our web site; just look at all these wonderful George private registrations!

We have a wider selection of patriotic registrations and saint registrations that are well worth a look.

Happy St. George’s Day!

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