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10 Annoying Things From My Morning Commute

April 10, 2015
Posted in Humour — Written by Nationla Numbers

1. Should have left 10 minutes ago, but can’t find my keys!

2. Can’t get past the lady next door because she currently has her door wide open.

3. Nearly hit kids running across the road, even though there is a crossing 20 yards away.


4. Cyclist not sticking to the left.

5. Stop on the slip road because no one knows how to merge.


6. Finally on the motorway and in the fast lane. Stuck behind a slow driver.


7. Radio warns me of a traffic jam after I’ve already arrived at it.


8. Getting closer! Annnnnnd lollipop lady.


9. No one seems to indicate or stick to their lane when approaching the roundabout.


10. I’m here! Oh wait, someone just stole my parking space.



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