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Car number plates, buy registration numbers in the UK



Car Number Plates from Nationla Numbers

To many people, investing in original car number plates is an essential part of the process of buying a new vehicle.

While some people may prefer their car to sport their name or initials, others will be adamant that their plates must match the make of their vehicle. So drivers of a BMW, JAG, PORSCHE or similar could add a unique finishing touch on their own.

First time buying a cherished number plate?

If this is your first venture into buying private car number plates, we'll put your mind at ease here at Nationla Numbers. The whole ethos behind our business is customer satisfaction. Please have a glance at our reviews to see what other customers think. Of course, all transactions are submitted special delivery to our named account manager in DVLA, Swansea. We offer a document checking service for a small charge, therefore avoiding potential delays at DVLA if you submit incorrect documentation. Search on our site and rest assured that we put the same care into carrying out your number plate transfer as we have for all our thousands of satisfied customers over the last 30 years. It's never been so simple - or so reliable - to find car number plates online than with Nationla Numbers!

Search for your new car number plates on our site

To search for a new registration, just use our number plates clever search facility - type in letters, a whole word or a model number and you're sure to find something.

Our search facility opens up special categories like football (showing Premier and Scottish leagues), vehicle makes and models as well as animals and pets.

Some more useful information

Car Number Plates follow three main formats. The first is the suffix format (three letters, a number and a final suffix letter), the second is the prefix format (a single letter, a number, three letters) and the third is the new style format which came into use in the UK in 2001 (two letters, a two digit number, three letters). For more detailed informoation click on Number Plate formats explained

Besides these three number plate formats, UK vehicle owners can also use the dateless format, which was active on vehicles prior to 1963. These plates have no year identifying letters or numbers and can be assigned to any vehicle - regardless of their age. Because they carry so much history, and are often very difficult to source, they can command high prices. Conversely they are also great investments and consistantly rise in value. You may be interested in number plate for investment

Northern Ireland has its own unique number plate registration system, governed by the DVLNI. Number plates here look similar to dateless plates found on the mainland, but always contain an I or Z in their letter combinations. UK car owners can also take advantage of these distinctive plates as transfers of Irish reg onto cars in England, Scotland or Wales are permitted. They make a great, and cost effective, way of hiding the age of your car and giving it a personalised touch.

Armed with all your new knowledge, why don't you search for that new registration now?

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