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Car registrations Which Have Hit The Headlines

While the UK car registrations market is one of the more active in the world, do you know what kind of price the premium number plates are selling for? Read on, you might be surprised!

Car plate - M 1

Prior to February 2008, the cherished number plate M 1 held the record as the most expensive ever sold in the UK. The plate was sold for a massive lb331,000. This stood for some time until the F 1 plate appeared on the 4th February 2008.

Private plate - F 1

As far as car registrations go there can be few which can attract as much interest as the F1 plate with its obvious reference to Formula One motor racing - as well as being an attractive premium registration plate in its own right. Would you believe that this cherished plate went for a massive lb375,000 when car designer Afzal Kahn decided he just had to have it!

Registration plate - CEO 1

While the market has always attracted a great number of wealthy business people, there can be few more car registrations than CEO 1 (Chief Executive Officer 1). This premium plate was presented for sale in 2007 and went for a very impressive £154,000. However, it was recently announced that the plate CEO 7 is to be sold on the open market after the owner of 40 years came forward. While maybe not as exclusive as CEO 1, there is sure to be some interest in CEO 7 which is currently on a Volvo V70 with the plate worth many more times the value of the car.

Who actually values these Car Registrations?

The UK number plate is no different from any other market where buyers and sellers come together it is simply a case of market forces. While there will be an intrinsic value to any of the millions of potential car registrations, when you get to the top end of the market it is very much a case of promoting the sale and trying to attract as much interest as possible.

The premium cherished number plates are very rare and this is often the reason why you see prices rocket up to the price paid for the F1 registration plate. The chances of that plate appearing on the market again in the short term are very small indeed, hence the reason why the bidding was so hot and the price so high.

That is not to say that what may be the perfect cherished plate for you will actually have the same appeal to others. You might be surprised what is on offer so why not check out our unique number plates clever search and treat yourself.

You can have as much fun for less money. Have a look at some of these categories ...

Naughty plates

Over the years the car registrations market has thrown up some funny number plates as well as an array of Rude Number Plates. Check out some of these cherished number plates below and see how long it takes you to guess what they are!

Funny plates

Perhaps one of the funniest private reg which we have come across is J8 KER which says exactly what it means and is sure to make other drivers laugh (check out our number plates search). So what other car registration numbers might catch the eye?

W8 LLY for the person in your life who makes you laugh.

W8 CKY for that mad friend which everyone seems to have.

B11 NGO for those of us who like a little gamble on the Bingo every now and again.

L1 VES for those who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

These are just a small selection on offer which can actually cause a little laughter in your life.

Rude plates

While we need to be a little careful not to cause offence, some rude number plates can be very amusing. Some number plates are obvious as soon as you see them, others may take you a little more time to fathom out :-

S6 CXY is an easy one to start with and a snip at under £1,000 (check out our number plates search) for more information on this plate.

ORG 451M is another which often gets a chuckle, but may leave some of you red faced!

T17 TYS is another which may take you a little while to figure out but this is one of the registration numbers which is going to attract many laughs hanging on your car.

P8 RNY is also sure to attract more than its fair share of attention, but make sure that you are over 18 before you consider buying it!


There are many car registration numbers available on the open market which are sure to attract the attention of your fellow road users, some a little harder than others to fathom out - but they will dawn on you. While we see and hear news of car registration numbers going for massive figures at auctions or private sales, many other private reg out there may hold a meaning and be very reasonably priced.

Why not check out what is on offer and have yourself a giggle with our number plates search, its free and up to date with all of the latest plates you could dream of. Type literally anything anything into our search box.

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