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Reasons for Nationla Numbers CNDA Membership

The main reason for Nationla Numbers CNDA membership is that CNDA is the main governing body within the industry and the only organisation to have regular meetings with the DVLA. Read more at DVLA registration numbers or read on for details of CNDA.

The CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association) was formed in 1971. The main aim was to outline standards of trading for its members in order to give some assurances to prospective buyers of Private Registrations. The CNDA is also affiliated to the RMIF (Retail Motor Industry Federation) and the RMI has a director on the Executive Committee. Together with the RMI, CNDA have produced a strict Code of Conduct. RMI also provide an arbitration service when a dispute arises between a member and a client. In addition, a complaint against a member can be dealt with by the National Disciplinary Committee of the RMI.

Nationla Numbers - Executive membership

Eric Craggs, director of Nationla Numbers Ltd, is an executive member of CNDA. Nationla Numbers have been members of CNDA since 1986.

The Head of CNDA can be written to at: RMIF, 201 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5AB.

We feel that Nationla Numbers CNDA membership should give prospective purchasers confidence since, in the unlikely even of a dispute arising, there is an outside body, backed by the RMI, to appeal to.

We hope you will go back to our Number Plates Clever Search feeling confident in our service.

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