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Customer Number Plate Stories from Nationla Numbers

About Our Customer Stories

You may be interested in some of our customer stories collected for you to enjoy. Cherished number plates often have a fascinating story behind them. We are grateful to our customers who have let us tell their number plate stories.

We at Nationla Numbers enjoy finding the ideal personalised number plates for our customers. Often the reason for their choice is obvious but, occasionally, we are intrigued and wonder if there are some more customer stories just waiting to be told.

Please, if you have some photographs of your private reg or would like to include your personal story, just let us know.

Number Plate Story SUE 1 - Aston Martin DB

Number Plate Story SUE 1

Number Plate Story SUE 1

" I also noted the number plate and suggested that we change my sister's name to Sue. After all, she was only two, she wouldn't know the difference... "
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EC 2 - More History

EC 2

EC 2 - More History

" Ever wondered what one of the oldest number plates looks like, and its history? Then read on to find out more about a classic number plate bought by Nationla Numbers! ... "
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Number Plate Story EC 2 - Vintage Marshall

1899 Vintage Marshall

EC 2 - Vintage Marshall

" Eric and I both love the Lake District and so spend quite a lot of time travelling across the country from east to west. One of the cross country routes goes... "
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Number Plate Story OOO 33 and OOO 333 - Love and Money?

How To Invest In Number Plates

How To Invest In Number Plates

" Nationla Numbers customer Robert Garrett from Epping in Essex is realising the value of investing in number plates. Get love and money from your investments? With number plates, certainly!... "
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Number Plate Story GTY 7 - Monte Carlo Rally

Number plate GTY 7

Lucky Cherished Number Plate

" Mr Phillip Walton of Newcastle-upon-Tyne kindly supplied us with the information about his father's car. Mr Walton senior was a well-known local rally... "
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Number Plate Story PAT 1 - Postman Pat

Registration plate PAT 1

Capturing Hearts and Registrations

" We often encounter number plates with an enthralling history behind them, but none caught our eye more so than the plate 'PAT 1' which has recently become... "
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Number Plate Story S18 0AM - Stuart Boam

Number plate S18 0AM

A Perfect Number Plate

" Stuart Boam was guest of honour at the Middlesbrough versus West Bromwich Albion FA Cup tie on the 17th February 2007; making an appearance... "
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