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Dateless number plates, buy dateless registration numbers



You've all heard of dateless fashions where the style can't be attributed to any particular year, well Dateless Number Plates are similar. Because there is no year letter attached, it would be necessary to consult a reference book to find out when the mark was originally issued.

Consequently, dateless plates can be transferred to any age vehicle since the age-related rule will not apply. i.e. you can't use a registration mark to make a vehicle appear newer than it is. To follow are a few examples available from stock at the time of writing:

  • CG 2698 (issued in Hampshire in Nov. 1931)
  • 8409 CD (issued in this reverse form 1960)
  • 105 DHW (issued with letters first in 1903 to 1935 then reversed in 1961)
  • 626 JPB (issued in 1959)
  • LNA 336 (issued in 1950 and never reversed)
  • TGO 537 (issued in 1956 and never reversed)
  • 2833 WD (issued with letters first between 1930 and 1935, then reversed in 1961)
  • WT 552 (issued in 1923 to 1925 but never reversed)

When DVLA began auctioning off previously unissued marks, series like the "WT" mentioned above or "LNA" series were eligible to be released in the reverse format. Obviously, they were able to release nice short plates like 38 TR, 61 CB or 72 SP in the form of certificate of entitlement.

Even, previously issued reversed series like the "CD" marks hadn't all been actually allocated to vehicles and so 48 CD and 74 CD were eligible for release.

These are all very attractive dateless number plates and, with particular reference to the 'CD' series, to be able to obtain CD 48 or CD 74 would be next to impossible since both marks may have been issued around 1905. Even so, such ancient marks do exist, for example CD 1 was (maybe still is) on the mayor's car in Brighton, CD 97 was on an early 1900's De Dion Bouton and CD 132 was on a 1903 Quadrant 232cc motorcycle when I last checked my source.

I suppose, as a recently retired number plate dealer, if I'm pressed I prefer the marks which have some history behind them like: KSR 782 on a 1953 matchless motor-cycle, 2721 PT on a standard Ensign 1961, GAD 436 on a 1946 James motorbike 125cc or MRY 234 on a 1955 bike.

These are all vehicles which have passed through our hands over the many years we have been in this business.

Don't let me put you off the DVLA auction marks - the short plates can look absolutely stunning on a vehicle: like 56 T for example or 62 JS or what about 64 W (all available from stock at the time of writing). Yes, we go to DVLA auctions as well - we're certainly one of the top buyers and we also undertake commission bids for interested clients.

So, if you are interested in this sort of plate, you need to give us a call and ask Craig (Sales Director). He will advise you as to past prices with his wealth of knowledge.

As mentioned, he can attend auction for you, contacting you while the auction is running so you can hear the bidding (though it is always best to let him know the maximum hammer price just in case mobile reception is poor). Current regulations allow unissued marks (of all types) to be entered into classic or on-line auctions.

So, if you fail to find anything on the website to match your requirements, please ring our experienced staff. We may be able to have the mark entered into an auction for you to bid on. We call this our "Total Service Package".

If you are ready to continue your search for a plate, try our clever number plates search - you will find a wealth of registrations to choose from, not just dateless.

We also have a free app available for Android and iPhone.

Go on, have a go. Best of luck!

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By Eric Craggs - Google+