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Buying and Selling Number Plates

The following articles contain information on all aspects of buying and selling DVLA private number plates including how to search for your ideal registration, how to buy from a number plate dealer as well as how to offer your own registration for sale.

4 articles in this section:

Search for Your Ideal Registration

If you are casting around for ideas and would like to search for the right personalised registration for you, then Nationla Numbers the number plate dealer arguably provi...

    How to Buy from a Number Plate Dealer

    The first step in buying from a number plate dealer is to find the private number plate that's suitable for you. Use the search box above to search for your ideal num...

      How to Sell a Personalised Registration

      Most people who want to sell a private registration approach a dealer first to get a quote. Some dealers have a nominated "quotes line", often at a premium rate...

        Buying from a Private Number Plate Seller

        Unless you are buying from a well known friend or family member, the process of buying a number plate from a private seller can have a considerable number of pitfalls. ...

          By Eric Craggs - Google+