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Caravans and Trailers

This section explains the basic information you need to know about towing a caravan, including the additional car and trailer practical test that may be required, and whether or not your driving licence entitles you to drive a caravan or trailer.See also the minimum requirements of the towing test, and towing safety advice.

4 articles in this section:

Towing a Caravan or Trailer

Whether or not you can tow a caravan or trailer with your vehicle depends on the kind of driving licence you hold. You can find out whether you can tow a caravan on a car...

    Car and Trailer Practical Driving Test

    Some drivers need to take an additional car and trailer practical driving test if they wish to tow a caravan or trailer. This often applies when the driver passed their c...

      Car and Trailer Test Minimum Requirements

      There are additional requirements for the car and trailer driving test on top of the usual car minimum standards. Your vehicle must meet the minimum requirements for t...

        Towing Safety and Advice

        This article describes the basic advice given by the Highways Agency on how to prepare your vehicle, drive in a safe way, and ensure that your insurance is adequate. G...

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