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Driving Licence Penalties

This section explains the various penalties that drivers can receive if they are charged with driving offenses. Find out about penalty points and endorsements, how to renew your licence if it has been revoked, and how to remove penalty points from your licence once they have expired.

3 articles in this section:

Endorsements, Points & Disqualifications

Motoring offenses can incur fines and 'endorsements'. An endorsement on your driving licence means that you have been given points which will remain on your licence until...

    Renew Licence after Disqualification

    If you've been disqualified and are wondering when to apply for a new driving licence when the disqualification ends, then you should know that you can apply to renew you...

      Removing Penalty Points from Licence

      If endorsements (points) were applied to your licence, but are now expired, you can remove them. To do so, apply to exchange your driving licence for a new one. Photoc...

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