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Advice on Keeping Vehicles

As a driver or keeper of a vehicle there are some basic responsibilities you should uphold - the most important of these is regular maintenance of your vehicle, which, along with your annual MOT test, will help ensure your vehicle use is safe and within environmental standards.

There are also plenty of things you can do to make keeping a vehicle easier - read on for more information on articles in this section.

4 articles in this section:

Maintaining your Vehicle

Drivers who maintain their vehicles help to ensure their own and others safety on the road. A well maintained vehicle uses less fuel and is kinder to the environment. ...

    Seat Belt Laws and Exemptions

    It is the law to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle which has one fitted. Wear it properly to ensure it will work in an accident. Research has shown that those not wearing a se...

      Protecting the Environment as a Car Buyer

      You can make a difference with your choices as a vehicle consumer. Several factors are important when choosing a vehicle that has a reduced impact on the environment. ...

        The Rules on Tinted Vehicle Windows

        Heavily tinted windows on the front could lead to prosecution. If you'd like to tint your vehicle windows, be aware of the rules regarding the amount of tint that can be ...

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