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DVLA Application Turnaround Times

You've applied to DVLA for documents or certificates, and are waiting to hear from DVLA regarding your application. This guide will tell help you learn the status of your DVLA application and how long to expect to wait before contacting DVLA.

On this page:
Personalised Registration Applications
Driving Licences
Tax Disc Applications
Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) Applications

Personalised Registration Applications

Application TypeWaiting Time
New entitlement certificate (V750) for a personalised registration purchased from DVLAUp to 3 weeks
Entitlement certificates (V750) or retention certificates (V778) returned to DVLA for a change or extensionUp to 3 weeks
Authorisation letter from DVLA for you to get new number plates madeUp to 2 weeks
New retention certificate (V778) following the retention of a personalised number from a vehicleUp to 6 weeks

Driving Licences

Application TypeWaiting Time
Online or telephone applicationUp to 2 weeks
Postal applicationUp to 3 weeks
First application for tachographs and renewalsUp to 15 working days
Replacement tachograph cardsUp to 5 working days
Medical investigation where DVLA doesn't need to contact a doctorUp to 3 weeks
Medical investigation where DVLA does need to contact a doctorUp to 90 working days

Identification Documents

Supporting DocumentsWaiting Time
Identification documents - will be returned separatelyUp to 2 weeks

Tax Disc Applications

Application TypeWaiting Time
Online or telephone applicationUp to 5 working days
Postal applicationUp to 1 week
Duplicate disc in person at a DVLA local officeSame day
Refund of a tax discUp to 6 weeks
Replacement tax discs following a personalised number transfer, retention or assignmentUp to 2 weeks

Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) Applications

Application TypeWaiting Time
Duplicate following a telephone application3 to 5 working days
Registration certificate sent to DVLA for change of address or keeperUp to 4 weeks
Application on a V62 formUp to 6 weeks
First registration of a vehicle with DVLAUp to 4 weeks
Application to assign a personalised registration to a vehicle from a certificateUp to 4 weeks
Transfer or retention of a personalised registration from a vehicleUp to 6 weeks

Acknowledgement Letters

Acknowledgement letters sent to you following your notification to DVLAWaiting Time
Your Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)Up to 4 weeks
Your notification to DVLA of the sale, transfer or disposal of your vehicleUp to 4 weeks

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