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DVLA Auctions

Five or six times a year, DVLA hold what are termed "Classic Auctions". 

The auctions are held at various venues throughout the country and are spread over 3 days. The selected prestigious registration marks range from initials to marks resembling names.

The catalogue will be aranged in alphabetical order and have guide prices (although these are often exceeded). 

The cost of buying at auction is as follows:-

  • Hammer price, i.e. £1,600
  • Buyer's premium at 8%
  • VAT on the hammer price and buyer's premium at 20%
  • Assignment fee at £80
  • TOTAL = £2,153.60

Under current regulations, only marks which have never been on a vehicle before are eligible to be included in a DVLA auction. They include "proper" dateless plates which were unused at the time of issue. Often the reverse series (i.e. numbers first) of a particular combination was not used and, thus, can be included. In addition, where there was no fair way of allocating registrations during a release of prefix plates, DVLA would withhold them.

For example, during the release of the 'A' prefix, numbers 1-20 were withheld and released over the telephone at a set time on a set day. The same applies to the B prefix up to the H prefix. When "New-Style" marks came into being, prestige formats which spell names or words are commonly issued through DVLA auctions instead of via the internet. 

Experienced dealers such as Nationla Numbers Ltd have a wealth of data as to past prices and can offer lots of advice and ideas. If you haven't the time or inclination to attend an auction yourself we can bid for you. Our auction package is very transparent in that we charge an agreed fixed fee (not a percentage). We call you 4/5 lots before so you can listen to the bidding and we will advise who is bidding against you. We will already have discussed your maximum bid at length so, if we fail to get you on the phone, we can bid up to that price if neccessary. 

We have purchased number plates at DVLA auctions since their inception in 1990 both for stock as well as for many satisfied customers. We register your details direct with the government's auctioneers who will take a 10% deposit on the day if your bid is succssful, followed by an invoice direct to you for the balance. The registration will be issued in the form of a certificate of entitlement. 

As well as the Classic Auctions, DVLA run online auctions three times a year. These are, in general, lower price "bespoke" auctions. 

Please call our sales line for details. Our paperwork explains the procedure as well as our terms and conditions. If you have so far failed to find exactly the number plate you require or have ran out of ideas, auctions could be the answer. Call us now!

By Eric Craggs - Google+