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MOT Tests

MOT tests (Ministry of Transport tests) are a scheme managed by DVLA to ensure that vehicles in the UK are roadworthy and meet pre-defined environmental standards.

A vehicle will need an MOT test once it is three years old. The MOT test takes the vehicle as it is at the time of the test. It does not guarantee that the vehicle is roadworthy.

If your vehicle meets the legal requirements of the MOT test it will pass its test and you'll receive an MOT certificate. If it fails you will need to retest your vehicle.

MOT tests are carried out at a local garage that has been approved for MOT testing. These are called MOT test stations.

5 articles in this section:

What is an MOT?

The MOT test is a yearly test for vehicles of three years of age or above, operated by MOT test centres and in conjunction with DVLA. If your vehicle in within legal guid...

    MOT Costs

    MOT costs are governed by maximum fees. This page gives the maximum fee for various vehicle classes. The actual fee you will pay depends on the MOT test station you use f...

      MOT Failure and Retests

      When a vehicle fails its MOT test, a failure document is provided which outlines the exact reasons why the vehicle failed. The document references the points as given in ...

        The MOT Certificate

        DVLA allows MOT renewals up to one month before the date of expiry. Taking advantage of this will not affect your expiry date. The MOT test simply considers the vehicle i...

          MOT Grievances and Problems

          For some reason you may be unhappy with the way your MOT test was conducted, or you may disagree with the test results. In this case, you will need to discuss the test re...

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