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Personalised Registration Forms

Use these forms to transfer a vehicle registration directly to another vehicle, or to retain (keep the use of) a vehicle registration. Registrations can be retained for one, two or three years. You may also need to use a V62 form to apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C).

The two main forms used when dealing with the sale, transfer, or retention of private number plates are:
V317 - used to apply to transfer or retain a registration
V62 - used to apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

V317 - Apply to Transfer (or Retain) a Vehicle Registration Number

Are you looking for the DVLA form to apply to either transfer a vehicle registration to another vehicle or to retain a registration mark on a certificate?

Download Application to transfer or retain a vehicle registration number - V317.

The fee to transfer a vehicle registration mark directly to another vehicle is £80. The fee to retain the registration is £25 per year, plus £80 assignment fee which will be shown on the retention certificate. When you do assign to a suitable vehicle there is no charge.

One year retention costs £105, two years £130; and three years £155. Certificates can be extended for £25 a year.

Take or send the completed form, fee (cheques payable to DVLA, Swansea), and supporting documents to your local DVLA office. The necessary documents (which must be originals) are:

Do not send anything directly to DVLA, Swansea - unless you are merely applying to extend the certificate for another year.

V62 - Apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

Are you looking for the DVLA form to apply for a vehicle registration certificate (V5C)?

Download Application form for a vehicle registration certificate V5C - form V62.

You might need to use this form if you have bought a vehicle but not yet received a V5C in your name. Or your original copy may have been stolen, damaged or lost.

If you're the keeper of a vehicle and had a V5C in your name, you can apply for a copy of the V5C, provided no details have changed with the vehicle or yourself. Call DVLA on 0300 790 6802.

If anything about you, or your vehicle, has changed then download the V5C form.

The fee for this application is £25, unless you can meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are the new keeper, and the previous keeper failed to tell DVLA about the change. You must have the New Keeper's details section (V5C/2) from the V5C and send it to DVLA with the application form.
  • If the vehicle has been categorised as C salvage (repairs would cost more than the vehicle was worth) by the insurance company and they have destroyed the V5C.

The form should be completed and sent to DVLA at the address given on the form. You should receive the V5C within two weeks if you are already recorded as the registered keeper; or four weeks if there has been a change of keeper.

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