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Retain a Registration Number

To apply to retain a registration number you will need a V317 form (application to transfer or retain a vehicle registration number).

A registration number can be retained for 1, 2, or 3 years at a retention fee of £25 a year, plus an £80 assignment fee which is stated on the certificate as having been paid. There is no further charge when the mark is eventually assigned back on to a suitable vehicle.

The fee for one year is £105. Two years' retention costs £130. Three years retaining a number plate costs £155.

How to Retain a Registration Number

The registered keeper fills in sections two and four of the V317 form. The keeper has the choice of becoming the "grantee". The grantee is the one who has the right to the vehicle registration number.

If the keeper does not want to be the grantee, for example if they are selling the registration, details of the new grantee can be inserted in section four. The grantee has the right to assign the mark to a vehicle registered in someone else's name.

If required, this name can be inserted in "nominee's details".

You should be aware that, although the retained mark can be assigned to a vehicle registered in either the name of the grantee or the nominee, only the grantee has the right to the registration.

The Documents Needed to Retain a Registration

Registration Certificate V5C

You will need the whole of the V5C registration document.


You will also need the MOT test certificate if applicable.

Tax Disc

You will need a photocopy of your current tax disc or a V10 - application for a tax disc.

After tax discs are no longer issued taxation will be checked online by the DVLA.

Vehicle Insurance

If you are applying for tax at the same time, you will need a valid and current insurance certificate or cover note that covers your use of the vehicle.

On 9/12/13 it was announced that motorists will no longer have to produce their insurance policies when taxing their vehicles. Instead, DVLA have Continuois Insurance Enforcement rules whereby DVLA records are compared regularly with the Motor Insurance Database. To check you vehicle is on this database, go to

Or see below for "SORN" information.

Retention Fee

Don't forget to include the appropriate fee.

The Regulations for Retaining a Registration

The vehicle in section two must exist and be registered with DVLA. You must be the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The vehicle in section two must be either currently taxed or have an accompanying tax application, or be declared SORN for no longer than 12 months (you should have received written confirmation from DVLA). There must be no break between the expiry of the last tax disc and the start of the SORN. On 9/12/13 it was announced that motorists only need to declare SORN once not each year.

Additionally, your vehicle registration mark must not start with a Q as these are non-transferable or your V5/C has a marker saying "non-transferable" in the notes.

How to Pay

You can pay by post using a cheque, bankers draft or postal order made payable to 'DVLA Swansea'

Note that if your cheque is returned by your bank, DVLA will cancel your application.

What's Next?

Send the completed V317 plus all supporting documents to DVLA Personalised Registrations, Swansea, SA99 1DS.

All documents must be originals except your tax disc (only send a photocopy of your disc).

Once your application is approved, your vehicle will be allocated an appropriate registration mark for the year of manufacture. You will receive a confirmation from DVLA enclosing your new tax disc showing the registration number, an amended MOT (if applicable) and a V948 (authorisation to have your acrylic number plates made).

Your V5C will come direct to you from DVLA Swansea. The actual retention certificate will be sent either to you or the new grantee.

Retention Application Timescale

Confirmation from DVLA is usually within two weeks.

The V5C/V778 retention document usually arrive within four weeks.

Last updated: Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 3:18pm

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