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Search for Your Ideal Registration

If you are casting around for ideas and would like to search for the right personalised registration for you, then Nationla Numbers the number plate dealer arguably provide the site with the most functionality.

This is important because with over 34 million registrations to choose from, you want a good way to sort the one you want from those you don't!

The home page features a large search facility, and you can search for number plates from any part of the site. The search facility stands out on account of it being located on top of a blue Porsche. Use the number plate shaped box on the Porsche to search for literally anything. Some popular searches include names, words, initials, and 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers.

For example you could enter Sam, Dan, Susan, Amy, Robert, Taylor, Smith, football, golf, 911, 1975, etc.

Similarly you can use the search box on the left hand side at the top of every page to search for number plates at any time.

The site includes ideas for categories of private registrations to search (which will help you to refine your options). Some categories include Irish number plates, top name number plates, cheap registrations, funny number plates, etc.

If you would like to search using more options, try the Advanced Number Plate Search - this gives a full list of all categories (including football number plates and registrations for pets) and allows you to search for only suffix, prefix, and new-style registrations, etc.

The website allows you to make your own number plate - there is a choice to either make a new-style plate (i.e. MR51 SAM) or make a prefix plate (i.e. M5 SAM). The process is broken down in to steps to allow you to choose different letter or number combinations.

By experimenting with these number plate searches, you'll certainly find a suitable registration. In addition, Nationla Numbers have a team of experienced, friendly sales staff available on the telephone to help you with more ideas and expert information. Just call us on .

Last updated: Friday 22nd July 2011 at 3:30pm

By Eric Craggs - Google+