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Your Driver Entitlements

This section covers your entitlements as a driver, i.e. what you can drive on the licence you have. Those who passed their test before 1st January 1997 normally have a larger range of vehicles they're allowed to drive. You may also be able to upgrade your driving licence to enable you to drive larger vehicles.

There are laws for all road users; you can read more about these in your legal obligations as a driver.

5 articles in this section:

Vehicles you're Entitled to Drive

Use this page to find out what vehicles you can drive with your licence, or at your age. On your driving licence, these are known as 'entitlements'. Here is a brief guide...

    Your Legal Obligations as a Driver

    Every road user must meet certain legal obligations. The most important of these is to keep both your driver and vehicle record with DVLA up to date. Driving Licence ...

      Driving a Minibus

      If you're not using a minibus for hire or reward, you may be able to drive one on your car licence. If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you can dr...

        Driving a Motor Home

        Before buying and using a motor home, check the DVLA rules on doing so. You'll need to check your driving licence and the size of the motor home you intend to drive. D...

          Adding Higher Categories to Driving Licence

          Drivers with a full licence (category B) may be able to apply for provisional entitlements in a high category. With an additional test, drivers who passed their test o...

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