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Number Plate Auctions

Number Plate Auction Testimonials

Nationla Numbers auction service leads our clients through the whole auction process from advising a hammer price to listening to the bidding live on their lot.

No other dealer has more experience of DVLA auctions than Eric Craggs, director of Nationla Numbers. Eric together with the Sales Manager, Craig Priestley, have many satisfied auction clients.

A Testimonial from a Number Plate Buyer at Auction

Number Plate Auction Testimonial from BCR 129M

" The owner of BCR 129M kindly wrote to let us know that following us winning his number at auction, his new plates arrived promptly and safely, along with the paperwork shortly after. He thanked us for all our help and pleasant efficiency. We've been delighted to help our customer win this very special plate. As you can see from the wonderful photograph our customer sent, the significance of the mark, BCR 129M, is that the car is a Bentley Continental R (BCR), variation Mulliner (M). Bentley made 1335 of these exclusive vehicles and only 158 of the Mulliner variation of which this car is number 129! Our customer did stress, unfortunately, he does not own Sherborne Castle! The castle does, however, make a fittingly magnificent backdrop to this prestigious car along with its perfect registration."

BCR 129M :: 20th August 2008

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