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Personalised number plate; buy cheap private plates



Everyone has their own idea as to what constitutes a personalised number plate in the UK. For example, the mayoral car in Rotherham sports ET 1 (for interest, the DVLA auctioned 1 ET for £13,100 on the hammer in 1996. DVLA are allowed to sell any plate which has never been issued before).

Some of the ET single digits numberplates are in private ownership, for example, ET 9 is owned by Mrs E. Taylor of Wrexham. The Taylor family have a small personalised number plate collection including HT 3, ECC 2 and EFF 46.

If this is your first venture into buying a personalised number plate then we would like to put your mind at ease. Not all number plates are expensive, and it is quite possible to pick up a cheap personalised number plate.

The whole ethos behind our business is customer satisfaction and that's why we have gone to the trouble and expense of becoming registered to BSI Quality Mark. For this reason, we are not allowed to make up our testimonials, as we have to account to British Standards for their authenticity. We are inspected annually by a BSI inspector and you can be assured that we will put the same care into carrying out your transfer as for all our other thousands of satisfied customers over the last quarter of a century.

You will currently be driving a vehicle. All number plates have an intrinsic value so we have invented and developed a computer generated Instant Free Valuation Service. So, if you are curious to know the worth of your number plate, then just try our system out. It takes only a few seconds and you get the answer straight away, no waiting, and no delay. We are the only dealer to have invented this system and we are very proud of it.

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