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Personalised Number Plates

Cars are among the most prized possessions for many people in the UK. So it's no surprise that personalised number plates are so popular and can garner so much attention in the news and media.

Known as "vanity plates" in the US, personalised plates offer car owners a great way to place a personal and lasting stamp on their vehicle. In fact, these special numbers are a growing alternative to regular registration plates, which are allocated from a dealer's list or "inherited" with a second hand car, none of which have the charisma - or the glamour.

Celebrity plates

Personalised plates are no longer just for the rich and famous, but it's certainly true that some celebrities sport great examples. Paul Daniels, for instance, bought the number plate 'MAG 1C' in the 1980s, while comedian Jimmy Tarbuck's - 'COM 1C' - is very personal indeed!

What's more, Robbie Williams famously dabbled in number plates when he bought 'S8 RRY' for his Ferrari (before swiftly changing to a moped). And Alan Sugar's personalised number plate - 'AMS 1' has been beamed across TV screens all over the country on each episode of The Apprentice on the BBC.

Finding the right personalised number plates for you

In the UK, the highest reported price paid for a number plate is lb330,000 for 'M 1', paid at auction in June 2006. This even beat the lb285,000 paid by Roman Abramovich for "VIP 1"!

On the other hand, the highest price paid in the world is $6.8 million for the registration '5', bought in Abu Dhabi in May 2007.

Don't panic, we offer a wide range of number plates to suit all budgets. In addition, we offer 0% fiance as many registrations. Personal loans are also available if you have difficulty with your credit rating.

Use our specially designed number plate search box where you can type in literally anything. Try your initials to get yourself started, followed by your name to see what pops up. Our search facility has special categories as well, for example football shows teams in the Premier League. Vehicle makes and models are also listed as are pets.

Of course if your search is unsuccessful, please call us. If the special plate you are looking for is not on the database, we can sometimes get it inserted in an auction for you to bid on. We offer a full service, including advice on your hammer price plus undertaking the bigging for you.

Start your search to make your own plate today.

By Eric Craggs - Google+
Excellent Service!
Craig from Nationla Numbers managed to get me 2 matching number plates by requesting then to be released to auction by the DVLA. I was sceptical at first but they came through for me getting me my number plates for a very reasonable price at auction. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Nationla Numbers
Date published: 04/08/2015
5 / 5 stars
A pleasure to deal with
Sold my plate through National numbers, took care of all the paperwork and got a fair price for my plate. Would highly recommend them and would have no problem in dealing with them again.
Nationla Numbers
Date published: 06/04/2015
5 / 5 stars
A pleasure to deal with
Phil was a great help, made the purchase of my new plate very easy. Recommended.
Nationla Numbers
Date published: 26/03/2015
5 / 5 stars
Friendly and Top Service
I received a great service from Nationla Numbers, we were faced with a few challenges but Nationla Numbers sorted them and nothing was a problem. I'm so pleased with my new reg - it was the one I wanted.
Nationla Numbers
Date published: 21/04/2014
4 / 5 stars