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Suffix registrations; buy a suffix number plate



Suffix Registrations

What are Suffix Registrations?

The suffix registrations system ran from 1963 to 1982. Prior to 1963, registration marks were known as dateless registrations, without an easily recognisable year identifier. After 1982, prefix registrations were introduced. Suffix registrations have a year identifier at the end of the number plate, beginning with an 'A' in 1963 and ending in 'Y' in 1982.

Were all the Letters of the Alphabet used for Suffix Registrations?

Some letters were not used in the suffix registrations system, for example I, O, Q, U and Z were never issued. 'I' and 'Z' were reserved for Northern Ireland at that time, 'O' was thought to resemble zero, 'Q' was used to re-register vehicles where the date of manufacture was in doubt, and 'U' appeared too much like 'V' on a suffix registration plate.

What do Suffix Registrations Look Like?

Suffix registrations typically consist of three letters followed by one, two, or three letters followed by a one, two, or three digit number with a year-letter identifier at the end. 'ABH' with an F suffix was issued, for example, in 1967 in Buckinghamshire, 'CHN' was issued as a suffix registration with a 'C' in 1965 in Darlington. Suffix registrations CGO ---B, CGO ---H, CGO ---S and CGO ---X were issued in 1964, 1969, 1978 and 1981 respectively in London.

Suffix Registrations in Nationla Numbers Stock

Some good examples of suffix registrations in stock at the time of writing are: KAR 2N, SUS 17N, and EVE 3T.

Are Suffix Registrations Good for Investment?

Because of the format of suffix registrations with three letters at the front, suffix registrations offer some very attractive choices as private number plates. 'PAT' was issued by the Hull Vehicle Registration Office with an F, G, M, R and W in 1968, 1974, 1976 and 1980 respectively (it is of interest to note however that, when the DVLA began selling prefix marks, suffix registrations spelling names were no longer issued as replacement age related marks) "TOM" was issued with a H in 1970, and N in 1974, an S in 1977 and with a Y in 1982 by Birmingham.

Suffix registrations represent excellent opportunities for both enjoyment and investment - as cherished number plates providing an interesting alternative to prefix registrations as well as a cheaper alternative to dateless names.

By Eric Craggs - Google+