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Our Terms and Conditions

If you are buying on finance, after a 10% deposit payable with a credit/debit card, the remainder of the balance will be collected through your chosen finance plan. If your application for finance is declined, we can offer a range of user-friendly options to enable you to complete the purchase.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All registration marks are sold subject to availability.
  2. Some registration marks are supplied a certificate printed to the buyers specific requirements. Such marks cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded following sale.
  3. In the unlikely event of a transfer failing following receipt of correct documentation from you, all money paid (including any deposit / part-payment) will be refunded.
  4. Any deposit/part - payment taken is non-refundable. It will reserve the registration mark for up to 3 weeks pending full payment and correct documentation to complete the transfer.
  5. Our price promise and guarantee is only up until point of sale. Once a number plate is purchased we can't cancel, exchange or refund your order.

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