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Number Plate Testimonials

Number Plate Testimonials - Buyers - 2004

We have been registered to the British Standard Institute's Customer Service Quality Award for 10 years now but 2 or 3 years ago, the standard was completely re-written, making it necessary for us to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Therefore we decided to send the following email to our customers referencing the number plate(s) they had bought from us:

"We recently supplied you with a personal registration mark. Since we are keen to improve our service, we would appreciate a quick email with any positive or negative comments you would like to make about our company."

To follow are some of the responses received in 2004.

Number Plate Buyers

" Very pleased with the service."

Ed O'Brien M3 EOB :: 16th December 2004

" Quick and excellent service!"

Mike C5 MHD :: 3rd November 2004

" No negative points at all, service was fast and accurate."

Mike M14 EYC :: 17th October 2004

" Thank you for a fast efficient service."

Albert and Mary M10 AWC :: 15th September 2004

" All went smoothly thanks."

Lynne and Christopher N6 CSP :: 5th September 2004

" Was impressed by the speed the whole transaction was concluded! "

Louise Thompson L10 GJT :: 27th August 2004

" I was very pleased with the service you provide, it was quick and efficient and I would recommend you company."

Linda and Iain L6 MKY :: 26th August 2004

" I found the whole experience of dealing with you and "national numbers" very satisfactory. After I had purchased the plate, I was informed by email immediately of what would happen next, and the process I need to follow to get the number put onto my new car. The paperwork arrived in the post in the designated time. I will definitely recommend your company to people I know requiring personalised plate."

Kemal Hussein M33 KEM :: 25th August 2004

" As a market researcher myself, I would only be to happy to give you my feedback. I found the service from yourselves to be very satisfactory, you were quick to respond and gave out helpful information about my rights etc. However perhaps it could be improved further by giving out extra information such as "what to do if you want to keep your old plate?" retainment information or even expanding your services to make the actual plates yourselves."

Heather Boyle M8 HEF :: 24th August 2004

" All went very smoothly with the registration and therefore I have no negative comments to make, just thank you for the service you provided. "

Des R6 DES :: 13th August 2004

" No problems at all, the whole process was quite painless!"

Derek Paterson M10 EJP :: 7th August 2004

" No negatives, the service was good from start to finish."

David Sills S11 LSD :: 6th August 2004

" All ok thank you, very pleased with the said registration. "

Clare and Time Edwards V8 TDE :: 4th August 2004

" The service was excellent and I would recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues. "

Mike Bennett T321 MAB :: 2nd August 2004

" Everything went through quickly and smoothly once NN received the relevant papers to deal with the transaction from the seller of the number. My first time buying a private plate, so don't have anything to compare to, but no complaints!!"

Anne Corner A50 AEC :: 29th July 2004

" Your company was quick and efficient and my husband and I are delighted with our personal registration plate as it is personal to both of us. "

Mike and Karen Ann Maryon MM51 KAM :: 27th July 2004

" Just to say good fast service thank you."

Jon N8 SCF :: 26th July 2004

" Very helpful and efficient."

Lesley L300 RJH :: 24th July 2004

" Thank you, I was very impressed with the system and speed in which the documents were sent out. Though a little hurt in the pocket by the price! Non the less it is what I wanted. "

Hugh HM04 ANN :: 23rd July 2004

" Excellent service, very prompt, a pleasure to deal with. I have already recommended Nationla Numbers to a couple of colleagues! Many thanks. "

Peter L9 PAW :: 22nd July 2004

" Excellent service. Thank you."

Shirley J13 SCP :: 13th July 2004

" Fast efficient service. Very easy."

Russell S8 RGK :: 12th July 2004

" I would like to thank you for your swift efficient service, which is all you said it would be. Many thanks."

Ricky N3 RVB :: 9th July 2004

" Excellent service, and would use you again without hesitation. Hoep this helps."

Simon S111 POL :: 5th July 2004

" I was very happy with the service I received, all my questions were answered immediately and the only hold up in the process was myself (problems with DVLA). But all in all, I would defiantly recommend others to use your services, I feel you got me a very good deal on the plate in question I found your website easy to use and your staff very friendly and helpful. Thanks again for all your assistance in the purchase if this plate."

Paul F355 PJF :: 2nd July 2004

" Prompt accurate communications, helpful authoritive tone, good website, timely delivery."

Steve L600 KYM :: 1st July 2004

" I was apprehensive when I first started the process but it was all quite painless really. Thanks for your concern, it is nice to have a message from you, it shows people like me and others that you don't just take the money and run."

Neil GA51 CAL :: 25th June 2004

" Thank you very much for a very smooth and efficient transaction. The company purchase went through very quickly and I'm grateful to you and the company for the way that you dealt with my purchase."

Rod ROD 22B :: 24th June 2004

" I am very happy with the customer service I have received from national numbers so far. Robin has been my main contact and he has been absolutely excellent, always calling back at agreed times, and answering all questions efficiently and politely. I have also spoken on two occasions to two other members of staff, who have been polite ad helpful. As long as I get my number, I shall be delighted and will be happy to recommend your firm. "

Robin Unwin RU 6 :: 9th June 2004

" I would like to say thank you for all the help I received when ordering and finding out what I had to do. I found the service very fast, i.e my email and phone enquiry came back within 30 mins. The online page was very clear and it made me feel at ease to buy online, which does make a big difference. I have friends and family and told them how good it is. I have never come across a service so quick and people friendly. "

Tasha C20 SCG :: 7th June 2004

" I found your website when I searched on, I sent a request form online with the number plate I was interested in and within 15 mins or so your guys phoned me up and a deal was arranged straight away!! The next day I then get a letter as promised!! One very very happy customer, hope the rest of the buying stage goes smoothly. Thanks again for the quick and reliable service. "

Jason JAY 796L :: 4th June 2004

" I was very impressed with the service provided by your company when I bought V7 GGL fro my husband. Finding what I wanted, ordering and payment were very easy and self explanatory and the registration was received 2 days later as promised. When I ran to ask a question of a member of staff, he was polite and helpful."

Sue V7 GGL :: 2nd June 2004

" I have to be honest and let you know that there is nothing negative I can say about the service. The website was clear and easy to use and the provision of documents fast and straightforward. Sorry to be so positive. "

Richard HU53 SKY :: 31st May 2004

" No negatives, the service was friendly and pleasant and even DVLA were fairly quick (for them). This is the second time I have used you and I would not go anywhere else to by a number plate."

William 700 NXV :: 27th May 2004

" I was very impressed with the speed of the service, I got an email back within 10 mins to confirm that someone would phone me, then a phone call was received within 30 mins. Excellent service so, far keep up the good work."

Janet JLB 625N :: 24th May 2004

" Everything was perfect thank you!... Perfect gift for my son and wife initials J for the boy and FSL for the wife now they can share in comfort. We already own 1 FSL so the ideal is to build on the FSL range."

Jon J33 FSL :: 21st May 2004

" I was very impressed with your service, I was looking at plates for a number of months with no real intention to buy. I made a few enquiries during this time, and found it easy to find out details via email. When I did decide to purchase the transaction was handled very professionally. Everything arrived on time as promised. I have already recommended your website to others and will continue to do so."

Jim N15 HUG :: 20th May 2004

" I found the service from your company extremely good, and your staff very helpful. The registration information for the transfer was very easy to follow and I would recommend you if anyone I know wants a cherished plate. "

Carol C15 BXT :: 13th May 2004

" Thank you very much indeed for all the help and information I received when I contacted your company regards the reg number I bought from you. I was given all the relevant information about buying and registering the number with the relevant place. If I look for another number in any way I will come straight to your company again. Once again many thanks."

Alan K999 KLP :: 13th May 2004

" I only have positive comments to make in that the purchase was handled extremely efficiently, and quickly and I successfully managed to keep it a secret from my wife! I imagine that this was the simplest type of transfer, i.e. an un-issued number to an unregistered car and that probably the purchase and transfer of an existing vehicle number to another registered vehicle would have been somewhat more complicated. Nevertheless I am impressed with your service and will certainly advertise your company to my friends."

Dave S30 LVB :: 4th May 2004

" I was very pleased with the service I received from your company and I would certainly recommend you to my friends. My husband was very pleased with his plate as I had bought him it as a birthday gift. "

Andrea Cope J10 KRC :: 3rd May 2004

" I am happy to respond with positive comments because I was very happy with the service you provided. It was hassle free and speedy so thank you very much."

Geoff G14 GMS :: 23rd April 2004

" Very pleased with the service and the plate, It was an Xmas present for my other half and he loves it. But I'm going to be cheeky and put it on my car instead."

Jesse K11 WSN :: 22nd April 2004

" I've not yet used the registration; I get my new car towards the end of February. With regards to your companies performance, all I can say is everything went smoothly and, as far as I am aware, I have only positive about your company."

Ian V3 CNC :: 5th April 2004

" Great service, and being able to negotiate the cost of registrations is a very sensible way to do business. I would not have bought 2 numbers from other companies as they were asking unrealistic prices."

Alan V28 EAR :: 3rd April 2004

" This is the first time I have ever used this procedure and found it to be very simple, effective, and straight forward."

Bob J6 ROH :: 1st April 2004

" was pleased with the service I received from Nationla Numbers ltd, especially as the number plate was a birthday present for my dad so it was great documents arrived in an ordinary envelope as not to give the game away!! I would certainly recommend the company, as the service was prompt and efficient. "

Lynne L60 JHB :: 20th March 2004

" I am back working on Angola once again and I was here when I purchased my registration plate from you. I was very satisfied with the service you guys provided me with, so my response to you is very positive. This was the first time I had purchased a private plate so was all new too me. I arrived home Saturday 12th December afternoon on the following Monday morning I went to Gosforth and completed the necessary paperwork etc. and by lunch time the same day I had my plate on the car. So all in all very happy and pleased at how straightforward it all went. Thank you once again for the excellent service I received from you. "

Geoff K19 XJS :: 18th March 2004

" I found that your service was very prompt and helpful and gave me plenty of advice on the purchase of my new registration. I would recommend your company to other people. "

Dean V3 DAJ :: 12th March 2004

" I thought the service was first class! despite it being 1 week before Christmas. I was able to take delivery of the plates and register the number in time for it to be a lovely surprise for my wife!! Thank you very much!! "

Carol and Mike N30 CHG :: 10th March 2004

" I recently purchase for myself my wife and my daughter. I found your service excellent, uncomplicated, quick and will recommend to friends and colleagues."

David DT05 MAS :: 5th March 2004

" The speed and efficiency of which you supplied me with the certificate of entitlement to X25 EMH could not be faulted. Thank you."

Ed X25 EMH :: 3rd March 2004

" Getting the personal reg was quick and easy with your company and my husband was very pleased. I would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend you."

Lee W2 TDB :: 29th February 2004

" Can honestly say we had no problem/complaints with the service. The number plate came through in 3-4 days and the pink slip followed the next day. My father (who the number was bought for) sent the paperwork off and now has his new number sitting on the front and rear of his car. First class service as far as we are concerened, have been singing your praises to all of my friends. DO I GET A CHEAP NUMBER PLATE FOR ALL THESE GOOD COMMENTS???????? "

Mandy J60 MTR :: 7th February 2004

" Absolutely no complaints. Email ordered on Saturday 13th Dec 2003. Docs received on Tuesday 16th Dec 2003. Had plates and registered at my local VRO on Friday 19th Dec 2003. Plate disguised in Xmas stocking xmas day (L3DY G) nick name LADY G was completely surprised! Fitted to the car on boxing day. Excellent service - far better than other experiences of "E-Commerce". Many friends and colleagues were let down with goods ordered and not received in time. To aggravate this, in many cases, incompetent/poor/rude responses dealt out by the companies involved. Well done."

Stephen L3 DYG :: 4th February 2004

" I was very happy with the service I received from you. This was a present for Simon and I wanted it sent in secret, so he didn't see what it was. It arrived in an unmarked envelope and very quickly. I gave it to him for Christmas and he was over the moon and surprised I had kept it so secret. "

Sarah V40 SJT :: 2nd February 2004

" I was very impressed with the level of service I received from your company. I ordered the plate for my wife through your web page on Friday 9th January, and received the registration certificate exactly one week later, Impressive by any standards. We were able to register the plate at our local DVLA office to my wife's new car last Monday, just as we had planned. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your company to friends family and colleagues, And I also found your prices to be competitive and comparable to the DVLA website. "

Steve M6 ESB :: 31st January 2004

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