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Number Plate Testimonials

Number Plate Testimonials - Buyers - 2006

OK, testimonials aren't the most interesting part of the site but they are worth reading before you buy a number plate - bearing in mind that we can't just make them up. How do you know that? Well, our number plate surveys have to be presented as part of our annual audit by the British Standard Institute. We have to show evidence that we are striving for continuous improvement and our number plate customer satisfaction surveys greatly assist us in staying on the right course. To follow are some of the responses.

Number Plate Buyers

" Hi service was excellent."

Rob Blackwell E3 COM :: 2nd November 2006

" Top service plate was a little expensive for what it is."

Chris Spooner R77 CLS :: 20th September 2006

" Service was excellent from start to finish inclusive of phone and web."

Raymond Griffiths S900 ARG :: 28th June 2006

" Thank you, yes, very happy, great service, didn't speak to you personally, all online, but very happy with speedy service."

Lisa Buhlmann L15 LSB :: 11th June 2006

" I found your service excellent and your staff extremely helpful on the phone. Your website was good and easily navigable. Some of my colleagues who have purchased personal plates from other websites were amazed that I didn't have to visit my local DVLA office and queue for hours. I cannot praise your service enough and would recommend anyone to use you when purchasing a personal plate."

Pete Burns GEZ 8245 :: 1st May 2006

" Thank you for excellent service."

Mervyn Marles K666 MWM :: 7th April 2006

" Everything was excellent. I received the paperwork really quickly! Great!"

Euan McDonald N99 EJM :: 29th March 2006

" Every aspect of the purchase of the Number, and all correspondence was excellent. Staff attitude was friendly and helpful and I would have no hesitation recommending your company."

Mr P. Crocombe M15 PNP :: 8th February 2006

" Excellent all round service. Professional, efficient and most importantly, accurate, honest information. WELL DONE!"

Peter Griffiths X4 ERG :: 18th January 2006

" I am very pleased with the service provided, including the manufacture and delivery of the numberplates which look really good on my car. Please thank all your staff involved for their attention."

Jim Jeffries JNJ 77 :: 12th January 2006

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