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Number Plate Testimonials

Number Plate Testimonials - Buyers - 2011

When buying a number plate, you'll be reassured to find we have many satisfied customers. Many of these customers have taken the time to email or write with their comments and praise. Read on to learn how they enjoyed buying or selling their number plate with Nationla Numbers.

Number Plate Buyers

" Highly recommendable, great advice, great price, worth every penny."

Star rating: 5 stars

Guest (Review Centre User) :: 22nd December 2011

" I wanted to extend the time between buying my personalised number plate and applying it to a car. We had bought the plate in March and were told it would expire at the end of October unless we paid an additional extension fee. However, I called up national numbers to explain the situation and they extended the period without charge. The point of contact (Alistair) was very understanding and knowledgeable. The service was quick and easy to use with the minimum of fuss. I have a requirement for another personalised number to be purchased next year and will definitely use the same company again."

Star rating: 5 stars

Tom Maher (Review Centre User) :: 26th October 2011

" i purchased this number plate W9 EAN a few years ago!! this number plate is a single number (9) and looks very impressive on any vehicle, showing off your name !! this company i have delt with before ,who are very professional and very helpful !!!"

Star rating: 5 stars

ianball1974 (Review Centre User) :: 22nd October 2011

" Always thought of treating myself to a plate but never took it further, I went on Google searching for number plates and clicked into Nationla Numbers and found a plate I really wanted. I gave them a call after getting a quote online and I had secured the plate the same day for the quoted price, no hidden fees or charges as you get from others! Fantastic service and extremely helpful staff made it easy, would recommend them!"

Star rating: 5 stars

ColinPH (Review Centre User) :: 20th October 2011

" Great service, I have dealt with Nationla Numbers on a number of occasions over the last seven years. I have sold through them, and bought at a DVLA auction with their assistance. I have always found them to be efficient and friendly, and realistic with values of personal plates. They are honest and straightforward people to deal with, and I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Star rating: 5 stars

philipspani (Review Centre User) :: 19th October 2011

" Personal touch whilst buying my personalised number plate, absolutely fantastic service, I have just purchased a couple of private number plates from Nationla Numbers and I would like to say what an exceptional service I have just received. Alistair was brilliant yet again, nothing was too much trouble for him and he went above and beyond what is required, brings my collection up to six now. I will always put Nationla Numbers first in my search for my next plates I require and if I can't find it I will contact Nationla Numbers with my requirements and give them first option on finding my plate and ask to speak to Alistair! Thank you once again for your prompt actions and first class service, Cheers."

Star rating: 5 stars

BarwellTrailers (Review Centre User) :: 14th October 2011

" On Saturday the 1st October I was talking to my insurance company regarding a accident in my car. "Hit and run in a parking lot". Fortunately there were witnneses, so all I had to do was arrange for my car to be repaired. Now although my cars a 52 plate Laguna it's in exceptional condition but when I was told that the cost of repair was 774.00 pounds and it was more than the cars true value, it made me think. As I was fully comp., and we had the culprits details they got on with the repairs. This now got me thinking, as I'm now retired why not buy the car I always fancied, a Jag. Weighing up the pros and cons ie that I only drive 4000 miles a year I can afford the petrol even at 17 to the gallon. This started the ball rolling. Firstly the Jag., a "S" series 3 ltr V6 SE, then the leaping jag for the bonnet, then membership to the club. That's it. Then I realised, one thing missing, the ultimate, THE PRIVATE PLATE. Trouble is that's a lot of trouble and money. WRONG! I found Nationla Numbers on Google. I had a idea a of what I wanted,, but on the other hand I didn't, but I was wrong again, how easy. Everything was there, all the variations. I spoke to Lenny Jenkins now I have everything for my Jag, a great number and my plates made all at a very affordable price. "Just Like That". Thanks to Lenny and all at Nationla Numbers. Yes my number, as my wifes name is Barbara how's this BH56 BBH."

Star rating: 5 stars

Brian Holmes (Review Centre User) BH56 BBH :: 5th October 2011

" I have just purchased my new number plate (KY11 RBY) from you and am very pleased with the whole process. From the initial contact with Lenny through to completion the transaction went smoothly, there was never any pressure from yourselves and all my queries and little worries were handled expertly. Upon receiving the new tax disc and being able to fit the plates, I feel really pleased with my decision to deal with Nationla Numbers and would not hesitate to recommend you. In fact, I have been going through your lists to see if there are any suitable plates for my friends and work colleagues. I have added attachments of photos of my plates in place, which i am really pleased with. Thank you once again."

John KY11 RBY :: 30th September 2011

" Just had to comment on how happy I am with the service I have received from national numbers. Right from the first contact with Lenny, who was very helpful, friendly and informative without being at all pushy, through to the admin. dept. Gwen kept me informed throughout the process and speeded up my registration by personally taking my paperwork to the DVLA so that I could use my new number straight away. Number plates arrived very quickly and the whole process was very professional and efficient. Thank you to everyone I spoke to. I would recommend you to everyone. My little yellow MG loves his new number plate and looks very smart."

Star rating: 5 stars

tabitha2 (Review Centre User) :: 18th September 2011

" Thank you Alistair for making my experience with Nationla Numbers so easy - all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I never felt pressured into anything. The transaction was done professionally and fast. Great service is what I expect and I got exactly that. I love my new plates. Going to Pugfest 2011 next Sunday to show-off my new plates and other stuff. Thank you."

Steven XX11 RCZ :: 1st August 2011

" Thank you so much! I love the plate it has got lots of attention as it really complements the graphics on the van so it is great for business! Alistair you made it really easy, the whole thing was completed and plates on in about a week...impressive! So thanks again!!
(Karen Train Your K9)"

Karen K900 TRN :: 10th April 2011

" I am writing this email to express my thoughts and sincere gratitude with regards to my recent purchase of the registration 7 CRD from Nationla Numbers.

I have followed this plate ever since it was first released by the DVLA, but unfortunately the finances and timing was never right to take the steps to buy it.

I tried to obtain the plate 9 CRD over a year ago, but a different registration plate trader let me down at the last minute and I missed out. I had also seen an advertisement stating that Frankie Dettori's Wife Catherine had purchased 6 CRD last year, which concerned me that the price of a similar plate would be far too excessive for me in these hard recession like times.

However, when I saw that 7 CRD was available and being advertised everywhere imaginable I.E. Daily Newspapers, Trade magazines and even Ebay!!

I decided to track this plate down as it is my lucky number and full initials. I decided to try and purchase it as a present for myself as my forthcoming 40th Birthday, being a gift that I would be keeping forever.

After speaking to at least 4 different Registration Plate Companies, I found that Nationla Numbers were not only the most cost effective but their sales & after sales service was second to none.

A special mention is required here for Alistair Mason from Nationla Numbers, who has had to endure several emails & telephone calls questioning every possible procedure at various times of the day and week.

However due to his conscientious approach and very patient mannerisms, a sale was agreed.

Therefore, to conclude, I would have no hesitation in recommending Nationla Numbers, as not only the FIRST choice but the ONLY choice when considering a private number plate.

Nationla Numbers have made something that could be very complicated and stressful, very simple and extremely straight forward."

Christopher Roger Daniels 7 CRD :: 15th March 2011

" Just want to say been very happy with your service since I bought my plates back in May 2006 and was amazed how they spell out my name."

Joshua JO54 UAU :: 10th March 2011

" Just a note to let you know that I received my log yesterday for the above plate and have now fitted the plates to my car so I would like to say a big thank you to yourself and the gentlemen, whose name escapes me, for your time and effort in making the process a smooth transition. Many Thanks Again."

Stuart Camm C8 MMV :: 25th February 2011

" I recently purchased a number plate from Nationla Numbers and the service I received was exceptional. Gill from Admin was absolutely fantastic - very professional, very knowledgeable, very helpful and super efficient. My new number plates were received the following day and the registration document two days later!

A brilliant service from a great company!

This is the third time (1 sale and 2 purchases) I have had dealings with Nationla Numbers and each time I have been very impressed with all aspects of the company. I shall certainly not hesitate to use Nationla Numbers again in the future and in the meantime I will continue to recommend you highly to all my friends and family. Thank you, once again, for a wonderful service at very competitive prices."

Paul R. Moss 980 JON :: 22nd February 2011

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