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Number Plate Testimonials

We use this sort of number plate testimonial to help us identify what we are doing right and perhaps more importantly, what we are doing wrong.

We have been carrying out customer surveys since 2004. It is very encouraging how many of our number plate testimonials are complimentary but, when an e-mail comes back with a complaint or a disappointing comment, we can contact the customer and try our best to make amends. Number plate testimonials are an important tool for us.

Number Plate Testimonials - Unsolicited

We came in one cold February morning to find the following e-mail. You can imagine that, when a customer takes the trouble to send an unsolicited number plate testimonial, it cheers up all in the office. Mr. Steve Thomas was selling a number plate through us and wrote the following:

"Cheque arrived this morning with the appropriate paperwork. Many thanks for your speedy, professional service which has exceeded my expectations."

So, we are very proud of some of our number plate testimonials. Why don't you view some of the results below and then we hope you will go ahead and use our number plates clever search to find the ideal plate for you.

Number Plate Buyers

T1 GRS on Jonathan Searby's Renault

"As supporters of Hull City "The Tigers" for over 30 years when the opportunity to purchase T1 GRS for my wife's car can up it was not to be missed. Seeing our beloved football team through dark times and the good times in the Premier League this number plate will be displayed with pride whilst driving around the city and of course to the matches every week. Bought as a surprise birthday present the team at Nationla Numbers were as helpful as could be ensuring that the "Deal" was done as smoothly and effortless as possible."

Jonathan Searby

KY11 RBY on John's Ford Focus

"I have just purchased my new number plate (KY11 RBY) from you and am very pleased with the whole process. From the initial contact with Lenny through to completion the transaction went smoothly, there was never any pressure from yourselves and all my queries and little worries were handled expertly. Upon receiving the new tax disc and being able to fit the plates, I feel really pleased with my decision to deal with Nationla Numbers and would not hesitate to recommend you. In fact, I have been going through your lists to see if there are any suitable plates for my friends and work colleagues. I have added attachments of photos of my plates in place, which I am really pleased with. Thank you once again."



"Thank you Alistair for making my experience with Nationla Numbers so easy. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. I never felt pressured into anything. The transaction was done professionally and fast. Great service is what I expect and I got exactly that. I love my new plates. Going to Pugfest 2011 next Sunday to show-off my new plates and other stuff. Thank you. "


Karen's K900 TRN number plate on her personalised van

" Thank you so much! I love the plate it has got lots of attention as it really complements the graphics on the van so it is great for business!

Alistair you made it really easy, the whole thing was completed and plates on in about a week...impressive! So thanks again!!"

Karen (Train Your K9)

Christopher's 7CRD number plate on his BMW

" I am writing this email to express my thoughts and sincere gratitude with regards to my recent purchase of the registration 7 CRD from Nationla Numbers.

I have followed this plate ever since it was first released by the DVLA, but unfortunately the finances and timing was never right to take the steps to buy it.

I tried to obtain the plate 9 CRD over a year ago, but a different registration plate trader let me down at the last minute and I missed out.

I had also seen an advertisement stating that Frankie Dettori's Wife Catherine had purchased 6 CRD last year, which concerned me that the price of a similar plate would be far too excessive for me in these hard recession like times.

However, when I saw that 7 CRD was available and being advertised everywhere imaginable I.E. Daily Newspapers, Trade magazines and even Ebay!!

I decided to track this plate down as it is my lucky number and full initials. I decided to try and purchase it as a present for myself as my forthcoming 40th Birthday, being a gift that I would be keeping forever.

After speaking to at least 4 different Registration Plate Companies, I found that Nationla Numbers were not only the most cost effective but their sales & after sales service was second to none.

A special mention is required here for Alistair Mason from Nationla Numbers, who has had to endure several emails & telephone calls questioning every possible procedure at various times of the day and week.

However due to his conscientious approach and very patient mannerisms, a sale was agreed. and the picture speaks volumes.

Therefore, to conclude, I would have no hesitation in recommending Nationla Numbers, as not only the FIRST choice but the ONLY choice when considering a private number plate.

Nationla Numbers have made something that could be very complicated and stressful, very simple and extremely straight forward. "

Mr Christopher Roger Daniels

" Just want to say been very happy with your service since I bought my plates back in May 2006 and was amazed how they spell out my name."

Joshua's number plates


Steve Taylor's number plate on his GTR

" The plate, unsurprisingly, is totally recognisable and says all it should about the car that it's on.

That is due without doubt, to the expert and professional assistance from Alistair and all at National who secured the unique marque. At all times you kept me informed of progress in terms of release and procurement with the minimum of fuss and with ease of paperwork, it made the whole transaction quick off the mark...a bit like the GTR!

Once again thank you for your excellent service!"

Steve Taylor

Personalised reg on Claire Reed's vehicle

"I purchased the number plate CR10 VXR from you and I would like to thank you for the quick and efficient service you showed to me.

A special shout out to Alistair for all his help and explaining to me what to do when my documents arrived, as this was my first ever private plate purchased and I was unsure what to do.

I'm now on the lookout for one for my mum so I will be in touch soon and Alistair is the man I will be asking for."

Claire Reed

Registration plate S555 TEA on Sue Swift's vehicle

"This is me on the first T as Lady Captain of Purley Chase Golf Club, with my new plate, and my Golf Tea pot, thanks to Nationla Numbers I have a number plate that covers being addicted to T and also covers my sport, who could ask for more?"
View full picture of Sue and her number plate

"I had to just call Nationla Numbers today to say how good you all really are and it is a pleasure to put it in writing. I have had a private number plate before and I kept it for years and as it had gone up in value I sold it. Not long after I sold it I missed the unique quality it gave to my car.

My nick name is swifty sue and i am addicted to Tea, it is all I drink. I found the number plate I liked S555 TEA and tried to purchase it on line, I found a web site selling them, it let me go so far on the ordering page and then would kick me off their site and when I went straight back on the reg had gone up in value. I tried it again with a different number plate and the same thing happened again, so no way would I purchase from them so then I Googled private reg plates and thank goodness your website came up.

How simple my order was with Nationla Numbers:

  1. Went on to your website Sunday evening and ordered S555 TEA and the number plates which even came with a border to match the colour of my car.
  2. By Monday lunch time your lady on the phone told me they had the reg and the plates had already been dispatched. (She was extremely polite and helpful).
  3. Friday my documents arrived with my tax and my new reg S555 TEA was on my car.

The whole experience was brilliant, I can honestly say I have never ever received such excellent service from an online company or a shop come to think of it. To order my plate took five minutes then I could put my feet up and have a big cuppa.

Thank you once again, well done, best wishes"

Sue Swift

Registration plate JIL 944 on Jill Nettleton's vehicle

"My name is Mrs Nettleton, no prize for guessing my first name! OK, I realise the plate is not on a Porsche but, with two lively children, a Honda 4 x 4 is much more suitable at present believe me! When the children are grown, perhaps I can aspire to something more designer!

I was very impressed with the friendly people I encountered at Nationla Numbers. They were full of suggestions, found me the perfect plate within my price range and best of all they were not "pushy" just helpful and supportive.

If you are thinking of plunging into the world of private plates, I really would recommend Nationla Numbers to you!"

Mrs Jill Nettleton

Registration plate E10 LEE on Mr Lee Tatam's vehicle

"It all started when I saw vehicle which displayed the name Lee on it. My initial thought was, 'WOW that looks fantastic, I want something similar for myself.' It was then I contacted Nationla Numbers who listened to my requirements and offered me E10 LEE.

The service I was given from Nationla Numbers was great; once the price was finalized the deal was all done in a matter of days. A pleasure to do business with!"

Mr Lee Tatam, Plymouth

Mark Ling, Ipswich

"Most investments involve locking your asset away. I can’t believe I found a way to potentially grow my money whilst getting the full pleasure at the same time."

Mark Ling, Ipswich

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